Why more Perth Brides are choosing inspirational couture bridal gowns

Couture Bridal Gowns: When you picture your wedding, the dress is always the centre of it all.

Imagine your guests turning in their seats as you walk towards your husband to be. You take their breath away as you slowly walk past in the bridal couture gown you’ve always dreamed of.

The journey to this picture perfect moment starts with the decision to choose a custom made, couture bridal gown. This decision is made easy for Perth brides by the bridal couture service offered by Zanzis Couture.

From the first meeting, our head designer and team of artisans get to know you and share in your vision. We want to know all about your plans, your wedding décor, your bridal party, your accessories and your vision for a perfectly curated event.

We understand you want your dress to be the benchmark for all your other wedding design and styling decisions.

Our accomplished couture designer will walk you through the process to creating a breathtaking couture bridal gown, and will be with you every step of the journey.

couture bridal gown

bespoke bridal gown

You won’t walk away after the first meeting with an off the rack design. We want more than that for you and other Perth brides.


Because you deserve it.

We will work together to find your perfect couture bridal gown.

Your bespoke bridal gown will evolve as you and our designer work through the couture design process. With the basic styling in mind, our designer creates a custom pattern of your design.

This begins with a calico toile which is a mockup of the design – a base to ensure a perfectly fitting couture wedding gown.

couture gownAs the design starts to take shape, the designer can make changes to the toile as you change your mind, or try new ideas as your style and other wedding choices come together.

As the relationship with our designer develops, you may even become more confident in trying a newly trending modern couture style.

When you are happy with the base shape of your custom bridal gown, the design progresses to the real thing, with the finest fabrics and detailing.

Whether it be sheer Chantilly tulle, vintage French lace, soft silks or layers of intricate hand beaded pearl tulle, your couture gown tells your story.

The evolving fitting process pays off as you realise your vision for a bespoke bridal gown that is truly one of a kind.

The creative process gives way to effortless elegance, and it has been worth every moment. You will have the quiet satisfaction knowing you were a partner in your own dress design, and you will glow with confidence.

Perth brides

inspirational couture bridal gowns
couture bridal gowns

Other Perth brides will be ordering their off the rack dress a year away from their weddings so it can be manufactured in a factory production line.

They’ve often fallen out of love with it before it even arrives. Off the rack dresses, made to standard shapes and sizes, are rarely the perfect fit every bride deserves.

That’s why more and more Perth Brides are choosing inspirational couture bridal gowns.

To arrange a consultation with our head designer and begin your journey to a breathtaking couture bridal gown email info@zanzis.com.au today.

5 Romantic Bridal Gowns You Will Fall In Love With

Romantic Bridal Gowns: You’ve accepted the proposal from the man you love and now it’s time for your dreams for a romantic wedding to take flight.

You’re daydreaming of the perfect romantic destination, a lush winery down south, a stunning beachfront in the Maldives, a European wedding on the breathtaking Italian Amalfi coast.

At the centre of it all is a heart stopping romantic bridal gown. You’re daydreaming of a flawless dress, fitted perfectly, which combines classic elegance with your signature style.

You imagine walking down the aisle as your friends and family look on in awe at the romantic vision before them.

Guess what? We’ll let you in on a little secret.

Romantic wedding gowns never go out of style. Your wedding is your special moment to shine and it’s all about the dress!

Your family and friends know you are not an off-the-rack kind of bride, and are anticipating a spine tingling romantic wedding dress that reflectsyourlove of designer couture.

So sit back relax and imagine your perfect day, your dream destination, and the bridal gown at the centre of it all with our;

Top 5 romantic wedding dresses ideas for the most important day of your life.

1. Madeleine

Romantic Bridal Gowns

madeleine-1-minYou lived your dream of being engaged in Paris, surrounded by the French influences that have guided your fashion journey.

Now you’re back in the French capital, ready to show off your own take on a bridal gown with Parisian style.

This gorgeous romantic gown makes a fashion statement with dramatic sleeves, full length French beaded lace and an on trend off-the-shoulder neckline. A dress that French couture dreams are made of.



2. Tenelle 

Tenelle hand beaded plunging necklineTenelle romantic wedding gownThere is a perfect moment of unforgettable romance. You lock eyes with your soon-to-be husband as the sun sets over the Margaret River coastline.

Your fairytale moment is given life by the elegance of the sheer Chantilly lace, and the long, impossibly soft silk train floating gently in your wake.

A truly romantic wedding gown for the fashion forward bride ready to dazzle with a hand beaded plunging neckline and back. Subtle, sheer long sleeves add a high fashion feel to this exquisite bridal gown.


3. Jacinta

Jacinta classically romantic gownYou’ve settled into your luxury Milan hotel ready for the days of celebration ahead. You’ve brought a secret weapon to the fashion capital: a custom romantic wedding dress from Zanzis Couture.

In the city where every street is a catwalk, your bridal gown is ready to make its mark.

Layer upon layer of Chantilly tulle create a classically romantic gown. Made to fit your own silhouette, the hand beaded bodice gives way to a sheer back feature panel.

You may be in Italy, but you are bringing a touch of old world Hollywood elegance!



4. Elizabeth

Elizabeth romantic wedding gown
Romantic Bridal Gowns

 Elizabeth romantic wedding dressTime stands still as you take a last look in the full length mirror. You are ready. No regrets.

You take the waiting limousine to your Swan Valley winery ceremony. Your guests sip a perfect Chenin Blanc and turn to see you make the entrance of a fairytale princess in your romantic wedding gown.

The spectacular detail of this romantic wedding dress is a perfect combination of luxurious lace with a hand beaded pearl tulle layer.

The high neck is a nod to classic, understated elegance, and as you walk by, the revealing back will take everyone’s breath away.


5. Emelia

Emelia bridal gown Emelia romantic bridal gownYou met in the Greek Islands, and your love story comes full circle as you return with your loved ones to say ‘I do’ in an intimate beachside ceremony.

The romance of the day demands a romantic bridal gown to match.

Known for your sophistication, an island wedding demands a wearable design which doesn’t sacrifice your love of high end couture.5 Romantic Bridal Gowns You’ll Fall In Love With.

An open back and plunging hand beaded neckline of your bridal gown shows the world your sense of fashion fun.

The romance shines through in the long sheer sleeves, and silk georgette skirt with frilled hem and sensuous split.

You won’t disappoint with a Zanzis Couture bridal gown. We take you on a design journey with our award-winning team of artisans – you work directly with the designer in our studio.

If you’re ready to start your designer wedding dress journey, email info@zanzis.com.au today. We’ll book you in with our head designer to start planning your dream romantic gown.