5 Elegant Accessories to Complement your Couture Bridal Gown

Couture Bridal Gown: As your wedding draws closer, you’re excited to show the world your dream couture gown. You’ve spent hours in the design studio, you know the gown is a perfect fit; the fabric and delicate hand beading is intricate yet retains a delicate simplicity.

You have no regrets about the dress, and nothing less than the perfect bridal accessories will do.


Choosing your bridal accessories

Your bridal accessories need to complement your gown, and highlight the unique couture personality you’ve helped created in the design.

You should always make sure your once in a lifetime bridal gown remains the hero of the day with sophisticated and understated accessories.

Our Zanzis Couture head designer, Jennifer Naglan recommends a simple philosophy for choosing accessories to accent your gown.

“Less is more. Concentrate on one key accessory. Remember the wise words of Coco Chanel, get dressed, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off.”

So here’s our Zanzis guide to the top 5 accessories to complement your couture gown.


 1. The ultimate wedding shoe

ultimate wedding shoe
Couture Bridal Gown

A pair of statement shoes can be the perfect finishing touch for your custom wedding gown. But there is a fine balance to be struck. You must ensure the chosen bridal shoe complements your couture gown as opposed to taking away from it.

If you really want to stand out and create an impression your guests won’t forget, why not treat yourself with to a pair of classic Jimmy Choo’s or YSL sparkling heels.

The right pair of shoes from a designer label that matches the high-end couture details of your gown allows your personality and signature style to shine through.


 2. An elegant clutch

elegant clutchA clutch is every bride’s best friend on the big day.

A hiding place for make up for those quick touch ups, tissues for those emotional moments, emergency hair pins and of course your wedding day perfume, a scent you’ll never forget.

When choosing a clutch look for an elegant, classic style with minimal embellishment in a neutral tone to compliment your bridal gown.




 3. The subtle hair accessory

subtle hair accessoryYou may not need a hair accessory at all if your gown is heavily detailed and embellished. But if you have chosen a less embellished style, it’s the perfect opportunity for a custom-made headpiece that becomes an heirloom to treasure forever.

Look for simple, handcrafted, gilded creations, that are understated and a world away from the traditional costume jewellery most brides choose.

If you do choose a hair accessory or headpiece, talk to your couture gown designer about the best options to complement your dream dress.


 4. The iconic bridal veil

The iconic bridal veil - couture gown If you decide on a veil, again always look for a classic style that complements your bridal gown and doesn’t overpower the design.

If your couture gown is a classic, well cut and fitted style, a chic veil or headpiece can bring the dress to life and highlight its elegance.

If your dress is more elaborate with intricate details and embellishments, consider a simple cathedral veil.




 5. Sophisticated Jewellery

jewellery bridal accessoriesWhen it comes to jewellery bridal accessories, you may have a special piece of jewellery gifted by your husband-to-be or a family treasured heirloom.

But don’t let your heart rule your head and over accessorise because of sentimental value.

Keep it small and unique, so the focus stays firmly on the dress.

Let the beautiful detail of your gown shine – often simple earrings are the only jewellery you’ll need. Remember you’ll have a wedding ring to show off too!


Talk to your designer

Your couture dress designer can help you make bridal accessory choices to complement your designer gown as the design evolves. So don’t be afraid to ask for their expert advice.

To book your couture bridal gown consultation email info@zanzis.com.au today and begin the journey to making your custom wedding gown dream come true.

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5 Real Life Perth Brides bringing Zanzis Designs to Life

Perth Brides: If you’re dreaming of a couture wedding dress, make those daydreams become reality with stunning real life weddings inspiration complete with breathtaking wedding gowns lovingly created in the Zanzis Couture studio.

Zanzis Couture head designer, Jennifer Naglan, creates wedding dresses Perth brides treasure forever.

Experience the couture journey with these 5 real life weddings featuring our couture Zanzis bridal gowns.

Introducing real life Perth bride Rebecca:

Rebecca and Brian’s message of love

Rebecca and Brian
Perth Brides

After meeting through a mutual friend, it took a few months of messaging before Rebecca and her future husband Brian went on their first date. Three and a half years later, they started their happily ever after with a December wedding at Aravina Estate, Yallingup, WA.

Rebecca’s search for the perfect wedding dress took her through all the bridal stores and wedding dresses Perth had to offer.

bridal stores and wedding dresses Perth
Perth Brides

She quickly realised she wasn’t going to find her dream dress off the rack and a custom wedding dress was her best option. So the search for a custom bridal dressmaker began.

After several unsuccessful consultations where Rebecca wasn’t satisfied the dressmaker could deliver her vision of the ultimate wedding dress. Rebecca came upon Zanzis Couture.

As soon as I met Jennifer, I just knew she could help me achieve the dress I was looking for. I felt comfortable she knew exactly what I wanted and was passionate about creating the exact dress I imagined.”

Rebecca and Brian wedding
Perth Brides

Rebecca and Brian’s special day was captured by Paris Hawken Photography.

 Introducing real life Perth bride Aisling:

A second chance for Aisling to dazzle Brad

Perth bride Aisling
Perth Brides

Aisling’s wedding dress journey did not start at all well… after months of searching through wedding dresses in Perth, she bought a dress that she loved. At first.

I then decided I hated it!” said Aisling.

Help was soon at hand.

“It was less than 6 months from my wedding. But after meeting Jen I knew she was going to be able to sort my perfect dress. I was so worried but Jen saved the day!

perfect summer wedding ceremony

Aisling got her second chance at the perfect wedding dress to delight her beloved Brad in a perfect summer wedding ceremony at St Columba Catholic Church in South Perth, followed by a reception at the scenic Indiana Tea Rooms, Cottesloe, Perth.

stunning wedding dress

Aisling and Brad’s stunning photography was provided by Through the Woods We Ran.

Introducing real life Perth bride Christine:

Christine and Ashley’s journey from neighbours to dream Indonesian wedding

Christine was literally Ashley’s girl next door. Their neighbourhood friendship blossomed into romance and culminated in planning their dream wedding at the Khayangan Estate Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia.

Christine was determined to defy expectations of the dress everyone expected her to choose, and create a once in a lifetime gown no one would forget.

She wanted a dress to represent her personality and fun spirit, but trying on wedding dresses in Perth, nothing felt quite right. Until she visited the studio at Zanzis Couture.

“Zanzis knew I wanted to have fun and the possibilities were endless. Once the ideas started getting thrown at me I knew it was going to be amazing!”

wedding dresses in Perth

 Introducing real life Perth bride Holly:

Holly’s dream dress brings Leon to tears

real life Perth bride Holly

After meeting on a Broome holiday, Holly and Leon kept in touch, and love blossomed when Leon got the chance to move closer to Holly’s home town.

Three years later, they had a stunning Spring wedding in Alverstoke, Brunswick.

Once wedding planning got underway, Holly had her heart set on a dream dress she knew would make her look and feel amazing. But she couldn’t find the right one, and couldn’t let herself fall in love with just any other Perth wedding dresses.

Perth wedding dressesI searched every bridal store in Perth,” she said.

My sister suggested I check out Zanzis and go down the path of having a custom gown made.”

Holly’s visit to Zanzis paid off as her custom gown made quite the impression on her husband-to-be.

“Tears, tears and more tears!”, laughs Holly.

“I found him really studying the details of the dress as the day went on.”

The tears continued at the emotional ceremony; there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as Holly and Leon exchanged their heartfelt vows.

Wedding - heart felt vows

Introducing real life Perth bride Jessica:

Jessica’s couture choice gets the thumbs up from Brent

Jessica’s wedding couture choice

After a chance meeting at a work function, 6 years later Jessica and Brent had their dream wedding at The Pullman Resort, Bunker Bay, WA.

Jessica knew from the start what she wanted from her dress, and searched for wedding dresses in Perth and the South West without finding her perfect match.

Following a recommendation from a close friend who had recently had her wedding dress designed by Jennifer at Zanzis, Jessica decided to experience the couture difference for herself.

“Once I had my first appointment I was confident it was the right option,” she said.

wedding dress Zanzis

 “My gown was one of a kind and the team from Zanzis did an amazing job. They worked with me to design a custom dress of my dreams and didn’t stop until I was 100% satisfied.”

Brent has his own view on the dress Zanzis created, which summed up the impact the dress made on him and their wedding guests.

“I had trouble keeping my feet planted in one spot. I was so overcome with emotion, all I wanted to do was run up to her and give her a big hug,” he said.

“I know the effort that went into her dress and it was perfect.”

real life weddings

 Be inspired by real life Zanzis brides

If you’re inspired by these real life weddings and Perth brides, then book a consultation and begin the journey of designing your very own custom bridal gown.

To arrange a consultation email info@zanzis.com.au today and make your dreams come true.