Make your wedding day one to remember with a bespoke bridal gown

Bespoke Bridal Gown: You’ve said yes, and you’re ready to plan a wedding. It’s an exciting time, but it can be hard not to feel like it’s all been done before. You’re dreaming of something that’ll set your day apart, and make it unforgettable.

The last thing you want is to be a cookie cutter bride and have just another version of the same wedding other Perth brides are having. You need something special to stand out and make your day the one that everyone remembers.

It has to be about the dress.

This is your chance to show the world who you are.

So make it a moment they’ll never forget.


The Everlasting Beauty of Bespoke

A bespoke bridal gown made just for you is more than a perfect fit – it’s an extension of your personality. With details so perfect, it will take your breath away.

Every detail, every embellishment, every drape of fabric comes together through the couture process to create bridal perfection. Couture is about more than a dressmaker making a dress to fit you, it’s an intimate experience of creating a designer gown that embodies your style, your hopes and your everlasting love.

bespoke bridal gown
bespoke bridal gown

A bespoke bridal gown made just for you  bridal Couture

The difference between a bespoke bridal gown and a mass-produced wedding dress is simple. Off the rack gowns are mass produced and worn by thousands of brides. Your bespoke gown is delicately handcrafted over months.

Each and every bridal gown is a work of art where every intimate hand stitch shows. Every perfect detail brings your vision to life, and guarantees your show stopping entrance.


Live your Fashion Forward Dream on an Unforgettable Day

You’ll have access to exquisite handmade laces, embroideries and detailed beading as design features.

If you’re a fashion loving Perth bride who follows international design trends, we’ll create a contemporary Zanzis couture gown worthy of the catwalk.

Zanzis couture gown     fashion-loving-Perth-bride

Zanzis bride Morgan says her bespoke bridal gown made just the lasting impression she hoped for.

“It took his breath away,” she said.

Holly describes the unforgettable moment her husband to be turned to see her walking towards him in her couture creation.

“He looked at me, he looked at the gown, he looked at me again, he looked at the gown. That’s a moment I won’t forget!”


Talk to Zanzis

Make your wedding day one to remember with a bridal gown from the Zanzis bespoke bridal wear collection.

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The Art of Creating Bespoke Bridal Wear In The Zanzis Design Studio

Bespoke Bridal Wear: Having a couture wedding dress designed and made especially for you is a magical experience.

Bespoke bridal wear created for you, with as much design input as you want, is a once in a lifetime experience. You’ll be treated like a princess as you prepare for your own fairytale day.

If you’ve looked at all the wedding dresses Perth has to offer, and still can’t find the gown you imagine wearing down the aisle, Zanzis can help create the dress of your dreams.


Your first visit to the studio

dream bridal gown The couture process starts with your first visit to the design studio. You will meet with our head designer, Jennifer Naglan, for a personal consultation about bringing your dream bridal gown to life.

Jennifer will get to know you and your personal love story.

What have you always imagined for your wedding day?

How do you picture your bridal gown?

What is your style inspiration?

You can sit back relax and share your wedding day daydreams… the couture process has already begun and everything you share helps create a gown that will take everyone’s breath away on your big day.

It’s an exciting moment when you get to describe your dream dress to your own personal designer, and they can help you bring it to life!

journey to your dream bridal gown


You run your hands over elegant fabrics, and gaze at the intricate beading, lace and exquisite detailing up close. You even get to try on some bridal gowns to get a sense of the right shapes, the flow of fabrics, and what will make you feel amazing on the biggest day of your life.

Leaving your first appointment, the designer will have already started a design sketch. It will be like no other dress, uniquely yours.

The journey to your dream bridal gown has begun.


Getting it right

Your beautiful bespoke bridal wear has humble beginnings with a calico mockup of the dress shape.

This allows us to get the design features exactly right for your body and ensure the gown fits you perfectly; it is truly tailored for you alone.

It is this precise fitting and tailoring that make the real difference. You don’t need to have a standard size altered to try to suit you or compromise on fit, your gown fits to you and you alone.

Your design evolves as the relationship between bride and designer develops.

beautiful-bespoke-bridal-wear-2As you become more confident in your role in the design process, the designer starts to bring your bespoke bridal wear to life. Each dress panel is fitted to your body piece by piece, ensuring a flattering shape from a gown made for your body.

Excitement levels are high as you start to experiment with the basic shape of your gown, the type of neckline, and which fabrics, laces and beading will bring your vision to life.

Enjoy the experience of creating the bespoke bridal wear.

It is truly once in a lifetime and is the sparkle wedding dreams are made of.


The journey to your dream dress

Your bridal gown is made over 4 fittings. You’ll look forward to visiting the studio for each and every one of these fittings to see your design progress.

The fitting process helps you connect with the gown as it takes shape. It is an intimate process that you will never get from the off the rack wedding dresses Perth has on offer.

wedding dresses Perth

It’s a truly personal experience, as you fall in love with the wedding gown you and your designer have created.

Over the course of the fittings, our designer will create an exact replica of your dress design, and make sure you are happy before starting the process of transferring the design to your choice of fabric.

If you love the dress as a mock up, the real thing will leave you in awe!


Final fittings and dress rehearsal

dream wedding gown Once the design is finalised and the dress is created in the final fabrics, the time for your final fitting has arrived.

This is your very own dress rehearsal for the big day!

You can hardly believe this design started as a dream dress you could only imagine.

Hems, fit and every intricate detail is double checked by your designer before you get to take your dream wedding gown home.

The hard part now is waiting for the big day to arrive, so you can show off your bespoke bridal wear to your nearest and dearest.


Start your bespoke bridal wear journey with Zanzis

art of creating bespoke bridal wear


The art of creating bespoke bridal wear is more than just fabrics and fit.

Zanzis takes the process personally, we want to be there with you every step of the way and help you create a show stopping centerpiece for your wedding day that is the envy of every other Perth bride.

If you would like to create your dream dress, book your couture bridal wear consultation with Zanzis today.


Email today to arrange a meeting with Jennifer our Zanzis head designer and start your journey to a breathtaking couture bridal gown.