City of Love Inspires New Zanzis Bridal Couture Collection

Paris. City of love. City of lights.

It’s the fashion capital of the world where every street is a catwalk showcasing chic, elegant style. There is nothing quite like the Parisian je ne sais quoi, and no better inspiration for the 2017/18 Zanzis bridal couture collection.

We’re so proud of our new season’s designs, and we think Perth brides will fall head over heels for the sheer elegance of these fashion forward couture bridal gowns.

Delicate, feminine designs in a soft palette of nudes, greys and ivory, tailored with exquisite detailing. These gowns are every brides dream for the biggest day of her life.

The collection is simply our best ever, even if we do say so ourselves!

Making bridal couture memories with the city of love

Anyone who’s ever been to Paris has a special memory. It might be a long lunch after visiting the Louvre, a romantic canal cruise, adding to the love lock bridge, or lost hours admiring couture and street fashions.

Even if you haven’t been, the city is a touchstone for fashion and timeless elegance.

Our new collection of couture bridal gowns touches on those romantic moments, with a nod to the decadence and indulgence of French history, from the Renaissance to the French Revolution.

Fine architecture meets natural beauty

From the world’s most famous cathedral, Notre Dame, to the romance of the Eiffel Tower, Parisian architecture features breathtaking buildings and design.

This show stopping influence shines through in our new couture bridal gowns, with elaborate beading and embroideries reflecting the fine lines, curves and angles of the famous cities finest buildings.

Our gorgeous bridal gowns encompass the natural beauty of Paris’ tree-lined streets and meandering canals to Perth brides. Glamorous fabrics reflect a rich garden tapestry, with lush leaves entwined with blooming natural lines.

Just as iconic buildings evolve from an architect’s vision, our couture bridal gowns take shape from inspired designs like no other.

Over a series of intimate fittings, we will customise the dress of your dreams, and the gowns shape and intricate detailing emerges like a flower blooming in the soft Paris sunshine.

Elegant design couture bridal gown

Adding a touch of Parisian magic to your couture bridal gown

Our new collection brings Parisian style to your wedding day. Chic, contemporary and elegant designs, with soft feminine structures, tailored to absolute perfection.

Be inspired by Zanzis bridal couture

We couldn’t be prouder of the new collection, and we’d love to share our new couture bridal gowns with you.

You’ve heard about what inspires us, now we’d love to hear from you.

Email the studio at to book an appointment and begin your couture bridal journey.

5 Elegant Accessories to Complement your Couture Bridal Gown

Couture Bridal Gown: As your wedding draws closer, you’re excited to show the world your dream couture gown. You’ve spent hours in the design studio, you know the gown is a perfect fit; the fabric and delicate hand beading is intricate yet retains a delicate simplicity.

You have no regrets about the dress, and nothing less than the perfect bridal accessories will do.


Choosing your bridal accessories

Your bridal accessories need to complement your gown, and highlight the unique couture personality you’ve helped created in the design.

You should always make sure your once in a lifetime bridal gown remains the hero of the day with sophisticated and understated accessories.

Our Zanzis Couture head designer, Jennifer Naglan recommends a simple philosophy for choosing accessories to accent your gown.

“Less is more. Concentrate on one key accessory. Remember the wise words of Coco Chanel, get dressed, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off.”

So here’s our Zanzis guide to the top 5 accessories to complement your couture gown.


 1. The ultimate wedding shoe

ultimate wedding shoe
Couture Bridal Gown

A pair of statement shoes can be the perfect finishing touch for your custom wedding gown. But there is a fine balance to be struck. You must ensure the chosen bridal shoe complements your couture gown as opposed to taking away from it.

If you really want to stand out and create an impression your guests won’t forget, why not treat yourself with to a pair of classic Jimmy Choo’s or YSL sparkling heels.

The right pair of shoes from a designer label that matches the high-end couture details of your gown allows your personality and signature style to shine through.


 2. An elegant clutch

elegant clutchA clutch is every bride’s best friend on the big day.

A hiding place for make up for those quick touch ups, tissues for those emotional moments, emergency hair pins and of course your wedding day perfume, a scent you’ll never forget.

When choosing a clutch look for an elegant, classic style with minimal embellishment in a neutral tone to compliment your bridal gown.




 3. The subtle hair accessory

subtle hair accessoryYou may not need a hair accessory at all if your gown is heavily detailed and embellished. But if you have chosen a less embellished style, it’s the perfect opportunity for a custom-made headpiece that becomes an heirloom to treasure forever.

Look for simple, handcrafted, gilded creations, that are understated and a world away from the traditional costume jewellery most brides choose.

If you do choose a hair accessory or headpiece, talk to your couture gown designer about the best options to complement your dream dress.


 4. The iconic bridal veil

The iconic bridal veil - couture gown If you decide on a veil, again always look for a classic style that complements your bridal gown and doesn’t overpower the design.

If your couture gown is a classic, well cut and fitted style, a chic veil or headpiece can bring the dress to life and highlight its elegance.

If your dress is more elaborate with intricate details and embellishments, consider a simple cathedral veil.




 5. Sophisticated Jewellery

jewellery bridal accessoriesWhen it comes to jewellery bridal accessories, you may have a special piece of jewellery gifted by your husband-to-be or a family treasured heirloom.

But don’t let your heart rule your head and over accessorise because of sentimental value.

Keep it small and unique, so the focus stays firmly on the dress.

Let the beautiful detail of your gown shine – often simple earrings are the only jewellery you’ll need. Remember you’ll have a wedding ring to show off too!


Talk to your designer

Your couture dress designer can help you make bridal accessory choices to complement your designer gown as the design evolves. So don’t be afraid to ask for their expert advice.

To book your couture bridal gown consultation email today and begin the journey to making your custom wedding gown dream come true.

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Why more Perth Brides are choosing inspirational couture bridal gowns

Couture Bridal Gowns: When you picture your wedding, the dress is always the centre of it all.

Imagine your guests turning in their seats as you walk towards your husband to be. You take their breath away as you slowly walk past in the bridal couture gown you’ve always dreamed of.

The journey to this picture perfect moment starts with the decision to choose a custom made, couture bridal gown. This decision is made easy for Perth brides by the bridal couture service offered by Zanzis Couture.

From the first meeting, our head designer and team of artisans get to know you and share in your vision. We want to know all about your plans, your wedding décor, your bridal party, your accessories and your vision for a perfectly curated event.

We understand you want your dress to be the benchmark for all your other wedding design and styling decisions.

Our accomplished couture designer will walk you through the process to creating a breathtaking couture bridal gown, and will be with you every step of the journey.

couture bridal gown

bespoke bridal gown

You won’t walk away after the first meeting with an off the rack design. We want more than that for you and other Perth brides.


Because you deserve it.

We will work together to find your perfect couture bridal gown.

Your bespoke bridal gown will evolve as you and our designer work through the couture design process. With the basic styling in mind, our designer creates a custom pattern of your design.

This begins with a calico toile which is a mockup of the design – a base to ensure a perfectly fitting couture wedding gown.

couture gownAs the design starts to take shape, the designer can make changes to the toile as you change your mind, or try new ideas as your style and other wedding choices come together.

As the relationship with our designer develops, you may even become more confident in trying a newly trending modern couture style.

When you are happy with the base shape of your custom bridal gown, the design progresses to the real thing, with the finest fabrics and detailing.

Whether it be sheer Chantilly tulle, vintage French lace, soft silks or layers of intricate hand beaded pearl tulle, your couture gown tells your story.

The evolving fitting process pays off as you realise your vision for a bespoke bridal gown that is truly one of a kind.

The creative process gives way to effortless elegance, and it has been worth every moment. You will have the quiet satisfaction knowing you were a partner in your own dress design, and you will glow with confidence.

Perth brides

inspirational couture bridal gowns
couture bridal gowns

Other Perth brides will be ordering their off the rack dress a year away from their weddings so it can be manufactured in a factory production line.

They’ve often fallen out of love with it before it even arrives. Off the rack dresses, made to standard shapes and sizes, are rarely the perfect fit every bride deserves.

That’s why more and more Perth Brides are choosing inspirational couture bridal gowns.

To arrange a consultation with our head designer and begin your journey to a breathtaking couture bridal gown email today.